Is there any freeze hack/glitch?

I’ve been playing the game for a little over a month, and I love it, even it feels sad that there are so many hackers around.

I’ve been wondering, has anyone heard of something like freeze hack or a glitch?
I get freezes in rust, every 5-10 minutes, and they’re really really short if they appear at all.
What happened, was me and my friend were fighting against a guy named “Kenny”. It somehow turned out, that both of our games were freezing to the point where aiming became truly unbearable.

I will now show you guys video, of the incident, if you choose to see it.

I am in no way sure that this is possible, or accusing the person of hacking. I am just wondering what the hell happened. (As it never happened before)
I know it sounds strange, but I hope you guys understand.

that’s not a hack just lag

Yes…all I see is your PC just got too tired to keep running at full speed LOL. There could be something loading and unloading off in the distance, like a big structure or something. Its Alpha, it happens. Stop complaining.

Probably, just seems really weird that it happened only when the guy was around/facing me, and first time in a month’s of playing. Actually, the same thing happened to my friend as well fighting the same guy. :confused:

Sorry to tell you but thats just connection lag.

  1. The server was wiped today. No big structures.
  2. My computer wasn’t tired
  3. “Stop complaining” - Leave my thread, and you’ve clearly not read it.

why did you loot all his crap stuff before you grabbed his guns and ammo? thats the real question

Ah well, I guess so.

I know what they say.

Shit happens. :smiley:

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I loot everything valuable as long as I have time for it. Gun was a priority, and I grabbed it within a reasonable amount of time - several seconds.

Didn’t see anything out of the ordinary beyond lag which could be due to your hardware, connection, the game itself, or even all three. Firefights around structures aren’t the smoothest at the moment. I was rooting for you the whole time in that vid, they just kept coming. Even had an archer somewhere below xD

The admin of the server contacted me, asking for the video, as there indeed exists such a hack to decrease FPS and cause freezes of those around you.

That was lag, not a hack. Nice video that’s what I find myself doing a lot. :slight_smile:

  1. You are clearly an idiot, and should leave the forums, in whole
  2. Your PC is crap
  3. Real Advice: Did you try re-installing?