Is there any known Jump Exploit?

Hey there,

There was a guy named “Lino Pontes” if I’m not mistake, that entered my friend server.

He was jumping 2 times the normal height.

He also live in my island. He claimed he wasn’t hacking, and my friend banned him right away from the server.

PS: I would like to know if there’s any known Jump exploit in the game, because, if there is he will be unbanned and adviced to stop exploiting (This is not another hack report thread).

Thank You!

yes, it happens to me randomly when I’m lagging. I donno what causes it though.

you can jump a bit higher if your game freezes in the middle of a jump, but i dont think you’d reach twice as high

If I can recall in the last couple of days, I’ve seen people complain on the forums and in game about players jumping really high. I have no idea if it’s a hack or just a glitch.

So do you think the guy should be unbanned?

He really looked like a “newbie” and no one had problems with him, but he was jumping really like 2 times the normal height.
Keep Cool**

It was a hacker.

You can place a sleeping bag on the ground and then place a storage crate on it and when you run at it it launches you into the air. i haven’t done it myself but iv seen my mate do it.

When I was testing my own game on a slow computer, my character used to fly sky-high when I press jump (at 3-10 fps). I realized that the collision between my camera (solid object) and character model (object) was causing that. Now this could be a hack or an error in the game due to lag, but I can’t judge based on what you explain. Stay safe; keep him banned :wink:

My friend can do with with her character, she can access first story roofs, which could be pretty handy or not :slight_smile: but it’s definitely a PC/net issue in my opinion

My son (not even one yet.) was slapping my keyboard one and all the sudden I jumped really high? I couldn’t manage to do it again and my friend I was with wasn’t paying attention. Maybe I was just really tired from skipping out on sleep to play rust but I swear I jumped higher then normal.

That’s not the case. It happened to me to on the gate, I was closing my friend opened it and I really sky dived like 100 meters high and kaboom hit the ground 30 meters ahead :dance:.

But this guy really jumps anywhere normal without anything there and it goes around 2 times the normal height (I have seen at least 3 times).

ps: For now he is unbanned and on the server! (if problems appear = BAN)
Thank You ALL!**