is there any more serious rp servers out there?

I Go on numerous rp servers these days with whos playing on them to be extremely dumb

i was on a darkrp server once a pon a day ago, i was the rebel leader with about 4 rebels on my side, we plotted to assassinate the mayor (FYI These are friends from school im playing with and we love to rp properely) After assassinated, there was nothing, the police did not give a shit, and he just got tbagged and stuff, he blurted “RANDOM DM YOU GUYZ SHOULDS BE BANSD” we all got kicked and banned for being rebel’s and assassinating the mayor :
its not random if its planned by 5 fucking people

are there any actual rp servers out there, that RP?


Yes, there are multiple ones. A good tip is to find servers by Gamemode and then check everything else but DarkRP’s. Give it a shot.

I hope you know the basics of RP though, if you’re to embark on a voyage to more serious RP servers, since even the little bit of basic knowledge can get you a long way.

Also, HL2 RP is not as serious as people make it too be… It’s basically Dark RP with a select few having the ability to buy guns at any given time.

TacoBannana they are too serious though

Still HL2 is a step to a more serious RP, I believe, since
1. You don’t get money printers and sit in a corner for a few hours and get your own private armory.
2. Not exactly everyone can get guns.
3. Not everyone can be a lolgangster.

At least in the more serious-ish servers. HL2RP does get old quickly though, at least for me it does. Where are those innovative ideas, people?

Haha, you can disable moneyprinters and other shits in DarkRP to make it more serious. The script doesn’t make it serious, the community does.

I do agree with OP . One time we(me and my friends) were planning to take the mayors house . When we got into , we were banned for RDM , because we killed policeman who was trying to arrest us .
Really the mod is called Roleplay , there is even a ganster class . Why cant people RP normally without being banned .
PS I even saw a server , where if you get shot you can ban people for RDM

Yes, the mod is called DarkRP, which means there shouldn’t be a gangster class. The people might’ve done wrong that time, but most likely you would’ve RDM’d anyway. If you go around shooting cops like that, you aren’t roleplaying normally.

Cops should arrest me , that is what are they made for , not for screaming : "He RDMs BAN HIM " . Also I wasnt RDMing .
Look rdm is : you see a citizen , and shoot him in head without any reason .
What we do : Planning everything , silently picking the lock , shooting the guard , and take mayor as a hostage . Little difference , huh ?

I try to keep RP serious in my server if you ever want to check it out, I’m also coding a gamemode for it. Also, you don’t have to be worried about being banned for RDM on my server, because you can’t. It is strictly the police’s job to deal with it, not the admins. So kill away, and I do this also because it is realistic.

That has to be the WORST idea i have EVER heard of.

No cops? GREAT! Ill propblock spawn and RDM everybody who does not pay 1000$ fine to get out.

Hey you, im racist and i hate you shoots.

Hey look a cop, lets shoot him with a AK-47!

Know what gangstas? Lets dominate this city! KILL EVERYBODY!

Ey, man lets kill all cops who spawn! We will RDM them untill they switch classes!

I never said there were no cops. There are rules. :confused: And there are high-tier law enforcement people who can come in, and by high-tier I mean the military and FBI. :confused:

My RP server is sem serious, no retarded shit

Hmm, I’m thinking of creating a serious rp server based off of darkrp (rlrp and gangs)

I’m not going to be using darkrp though, that was darkrp players can be more adapt to serious roleplay before moving on to the /me taking a step type a server…

Chupathingy Serious DarkRP there actually Serious and RP.

I got randomly killed over 3 times on my first time on that server. (And it was by a cop…)
I am in all honesty not a fan of this server, but maybe I just joined on a bad day…?

When was the last time you saw the military enforce laws, unless theirs a big situation or you live in Iraq/Afganistan?

Also what happens if their is just no one willing to be a cop/military/FBI/CIA/MI5/whatever else you have?

A nuke, which leads us to pseudo-FORP.

I play on a WW2 RP server called -[GRS]- WW2RP SERVER(FastDL)[Fun]. (The name keeps going).
So the story line is your a citizen of a Nazi-controlled city that has a choice to take wealth in by selling, fight off the Nazis and liberate the city, or, join Hitler’s Troop and patrol the city looking for misbehaving or violent citizens to jail or kill. (Usually kill, not too much jailing).
The city in which I mean is rp_downtown_v2. (No big suprise). What is perfect for you is that there is Rebel Leader, Rebel, and Rebel supplier (Pistols supplied only) so you could form a resistance with your friends.

This is the IP.
I am not an admin, I just really like the server.

The nazis sometimes abuse, but it’s pretty fun still.

Well the military will come in should the mayor decide to declare martial law, or did you forget about that? But anyways, their there as a last resort.