Is there any oven in L4D ?

Hi ! I fixed L4D Authoring tools so i can go back to work.

I am looking for roaster or oven w/e you call it, its the thing you use in kitchen

I DIDNT FOUND model in L4D even i am searching about 30 mins. ^^
Please gimme model name :slight_smile:

It could be a texture, seeing as it’s always square

I think I remember seeing one in No Mercy.

I’d bet you any money, it’s a texture with a separate ‘bar’ model.

EDIT: I’m procrastinating at work and can’t open hammer, shhhhh

How about giving me that textures name XD ?

Search “stove” in the model browser. Should be a few there.

DAMN ! I Knew that ! I just forgot the word …