Is there any plans or talk for a open beta?

First off I want to say that Rust looks amazing and like others I am very excited to play it, I read the wiki FAQ and I have browsed a bit in the forums and I haven’t seen any talk for a open alpha. So I was wondering is there one planned, will there be one? I figured that it might be hard to host a server with how much attention this game is getting so just curious.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


I’m guessing one will come whenever the devs want to stress test their servers to see if they can handle a proper release or something…

Doesn’t sound like fun to me lol, oh well I don’t mind waiting!

i hope so

I too am excited and eager to get into the unique combination of this game! Facepunch studios definitely has a GOLDMINE with this game!! They are doing the right thing with limiting the game because I can see it’s going to blow up in popularity within the month. With PsySyndicate and Frankie doing videos expect a lot of people getting banned from the forums haha.

I’m just curious if they are worried about not making their beta open to the public before other games come out, though there is no release date for one, but popularity may decrease (could be a good thing?).