Is there any substitute for HL: episode 2, CS:S and the like?

I’ve never really gotten into Gmod because most things to do on it require Half Life episode 2 and Counter Strike Source. Is there any way to acquire the resources from those games just to use in Gmod, or do I need to just suck it up and buy those two games?

Buy the games. There are content packs avaliable – which links cannot be posted to due to the Facepunch rules, but they’re almost always incomplete or buggy. Buying the games is the best option for mounting the content.

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Also, EP2 is not needed nearly as much as CS:S, so you could get by with just Counter-Strike.

I see, thank you. I suppose the games will be dirt cheap next time there’s a sale.

Garry should get them to be put in a bundle on the storefront with Gmod, they seem basically required for most things.