Is there any tool/addon that makes the contect (C) menu a tool dropdown OR not hold C?

(sorry for the title the character limit was a issue in asking the question)

ok if this is the wrong place i apoligise but…its not a help thread…its not modeling…its not sever related its not about a addon i made and i can play the game fine…so…i guess this is the right place

anyhoo to the point

does anyone know if theres a tool or addon on the workshop or anywhere that makes it so

you click the tool
you select the object/model/ragdoll
that object is selected
you can then press C and any point and the context menu for that item pops up

something like that is what i’'m after but…i haven’t seen something like that on the workshop (or worded that way)

so if anyone knows please enlighten me as something like that would be REALLY helpful

if it doesnt exist…oh well sorry i wasted your time

Why do you need this?

Probably not what you wanted - check this.