Is there any way for games to add their own custom input?

Say I want to just check if the M key was pressed for a map I want to use. Or let the player set their own binds for the game, is there a way to do that? If not, is there a way to modify current input functions to like making it so the game sets the InputButton.Drop function to M so that way you could use that function to create a map button? Of course, the only exception is the escape menu, but it would be really helpful if we could have some form of custom input.

Even running a console command on the client would work as long as there’s something, and if there’s a way to do that, I’ll go with that. I know this isn’t Gmod 2, but it ran perfectly fine on gmod to just check if the player pressed a specific button (including running console commands on the player). Is it really that bad to allow people to just check if a specific button is pressed instead of the pre-existing keybinds (assuming there isn’t a way to check)?

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Also to reiterate in a shorter way, Is there a way currently (or in the future) where I can check input being pressed that isn’t the predetermined functions setup?

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These are all the available keybinds.
This discussion has been has many times, post about it on GitHub if you think you can state your case better.