Is there any way to do this?

I’m almost certain there is, but I’m not great with LUA.

I’m using advanced damagelogs, found here:

I’m trying to make it so that moderators & other ranks can open the menu when they’re dead. By default, they can only open it when the round ends.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

taking a swing at this, going to fall off the swing

if ply:… oh fuck it

use ulx to assign perms? look into TTT’S perm files? idk

Well, shit. Didn’t even realize I could edit it in ULX.

Don’t edit ULX, it’s bad news. Anyways, there is a configuration file for the addon is question that will allow you to modify which group can see the damagelog and when.

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Looks like this

id like to know how ulx is bad news, considering its the only good admin plugin for gmod

ULX is my personal favorite admin mod. editing ULX’s core files is a bad idea, because you can screw up a lot of stuff. (I’m excluding modules you can write yourself) I misread what you said.