Is there any way to edit mipmaps on a VTF texture?

I’m working on an eye texture, and I want it to work so that it changes shape the further away you are. Can I individually edit this process; the textures themselves and the distance different mipmaps are used?

I think you can. Try the GIMP vtf exporter.

That’s what I’ve been using for all my work, but I haven’t seen an option to edit individual mipmaps.

Well, when I open a DDS file the mipmaps are in separate layers, and on export it groups them together. I haven’t tried yet but you could create the mipmaps yourself by manually duplicating and rescaling them.

Well, I’m not editing a dds, I’m editing a vtf directly, and seeing the other mipmaps isn’t an option far as I can tell. You can view them in VTFEdit, but you can’t replace them in that program either. Do I have to convert to DDS, then edit mipmaps from there? Can I even convert to DDS from VTF?

No, that was just an example. Try making separate layers and exporting, see if that works.

The options are

“nothing (merge visible)”

“animation frames”

“environment map faces”

“volumetric textures slices”

I don’t think any of those are going to help.

Are you sure we’re on the same page here? I’m talking about the vtf plugin for GIMP, not VTFedit.

Yes, we’re on the same page. I was just mentioning that I can also view mipmaps on VTFEdit, but they can of course not be replaced there.

I guess you could try export the dds from vtfedit and edit that.

What I’m trying right now is exporting the highest quality TGA from the mipmaps in VTFEdit, and recreating the entire texture from gimp all the way through dx texture tool, vpktool, and vtfedit once more.