Is there any way to extract Models and textures from Bioshock?

cant think of anywhere else to post this apart from video games section but noone there would know the awnser.

i have Vista so using the 3D ripper DX’s global injection thing is out of the question.

you can launch Bioshock in DirectX 9 mode so i wonder if there was a way of doing that when starting it up with Ripper DX.

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Holy shit!

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i put it in root directory of Bioshock but when i click it, a command prop appears then disapears.

yes its because you have to make a .bat file with a command defined based on the ones shown on the site such as these:

 Command Lines (put in .bat file)

    display short command line help

umodel -path=c:/games/ut2004 HumanMaleA
    list all packaged objects from HumanMaleA

umodel -path=c:/games/ut2004 HumanMaleA MercMaleD
    display mesh MercMaleD from package HumanMaleA

umodel -path=c:/games/ut2004 -export HumanMaleA MercMaleD
    export SkeletalMesh MercMaleD from HumanMaleA package as psk

umodel -path=c:/games/ut2004 -export -md5 HumanMaleA MercMaleD
    export SkeletalMesh MercMaleD from HumanMaleA package as md5mesh

umodel -path=c:/games/ut2004 -export -all HumanMaleA MercMaleD
    export SkeletalMesh MercMaleD and all used resources (animation, textures etc)

umodel -path=c:/games/ut2004 -export HumanMaleA BipedMaleA
    export animations (MeshAnimation) BipedMaleA from HumanMaleA package as psa

umodel -path=c:/games/ut2004 -export -md5 HumanMaleA BipedMaleA
    export animations (MeshAnimation) BipedMaleA from HumanMaleA package as md5anim

umodel -path=c:/games/ut2004 -export HumanMaleA
    export all supported objects from HumanMaleA package

umodel -path=c:/games/ut2004 -list HumanMaleA
    list contents of HumanMaleA package (object and class names)

umodel -path=c:/games/ut2004 -export 2K4_NvidiaIntro Intro2k4Skaarj MeshAnimation
umodel -path=c:/games/ut2004 -export 2K4_NvidiaIntro Intro2k4Skaarj SkeletalMesh
    export skaarj mesh and animations from package 2K4_NvidiaIntro (both objects has the same name, but different class names, so class name is specified)

umodel -list c:/games/unreal/music/QueenSong.umx
    list contents of QueenSong.umx package from Unreal1. Here is package name specified with full file path. 

Interface Controls

Program controlled mostly with keyboard. To get key assignment help, press <H> (help) key. Main keys:
ESC exit from program 
H: get key help information 
[, ]: switch between mesh animations 
<, >: rewind animation time backward/forward 
Space, X: start animation playback (single and looped) 
Ctrl+A: switch between different animation sets (required for viewing UE3 animations) 
PageUp, PageDown: switching between loaded objects 

You can rotate camera holding left mouse button, zoom with right mouse button, or pan camera (move alongside screen plane) with middle mouse button.

(these are on the link I gave you but its what I use as reference.)

It might be a bit hard to explain this as a friend had to point out the correct way of doing it (the puting them in a .bat thing) but I have successfully ported from UT3 now so I do have an idea what you need to do.

Whats shown on the window that disappears really quickly is the supported games and file formats (I printscreened it to look :P)

Edit: If you do figure this out make sure to not put the exe in a folder where you would have to put a space in the directory its searching in as it will not work (I found this out earlier as putting “unreal tournament 3” means it looks for “tournament” in the directory/unreal folder (which doesn’t exist).

ah kk thanks for all your help :smiley:


so i do:

“b) Extract downloaded archive to any directory. In this case you should specify path to Unreal Tournament. Example: “umodel.exe -path=C:/Games/UT2004 Player””

hmm bioshocks in folder “program files” which has a gap and “2k games” which also has a gap D:

What I do is place it inside the game folder so for you it would be in the “Bioshock” (or is it “Bio Shock”) folder then you do the path in from there to the file you want (though I don’t know what engine version and therefore what format bioshock uses). Then it will dump the extracted files in a folder named what the file was in the same folder as the extractor exe. Also make sure to put the SDL.dll with the .exe or it wont run.

(I have to say you picked a good time to ask as I only figured all this out properly yesterday lol, though I did manage extracte things last week without having much clue what I was doing :P).

haha cool.
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i proberlly have to play it for it to make a “game” folder and not just the program files xD

i uninstalled it for awhile.


could you possibley give me a example of a good command line for Bioshock? :smiley: