Is there any way to make dynamic skybox?

Is there any way to make dynamic skybox?

there is a dude who made dome models with the skybox textures to change it around
Don’t know about the lighting though

The left 4 dead 2 engine supports changing the skybox during gameplay, however you’d be better off using a model as J1m said in any other version of the engine. Changing lighting during gameplay also will be a no unless you’re planning to build on either the DOTA2 or CSGO engine ( of which both don’t have a official sdk yet ), which support dynamic lighting.

You can always copy the skybox from cs_office and place it in your map. That’s what I used to do.


What kind of “Dynamic” do you mean? Like changing the skybox texture? Or making clouds move around and shit?

I mean changing skybox from day to night

On my server, when I run Evocity_v33x, there is a LUA script that controls day/night.

This is probably what you’re looking for: (there are also other scripts you can find that control weather).

Good luck!

That’s a script. He wants to know how to include it in a standalone map.

Didn’t the guy who made the SG map use light_spot and set it to change to simulate sunshine/night?