Is there any way to 'mirror' the model of an object.

As the title says, does anyone know how to ‘mirror’ the model of an object horizontally?

Example of what I mean:

most crappy paint stuff ever

Help would be appreciated, a lot.

If you had access to model data you could make a copy of a model and then flip the x or y coordinates’ signs around the origin, but since you don’t, I don’t think so.

Without editing the model itself, no you cannot.

Yes but it would require 2 invisible prop_camera’s and Screen :stuck_out_tongue:



Actually that might turn it inside out. :S


But that is only visually


Nah it works

Now it’s fit for driving down here in Australia. Also use Vector(1,-1,1)

Test it out and type this into the console.

lua_run_cl for k,v in pairs(ents.GetAll()) do if v.SetModelScale then v:SetModelScale(Vector(1,-1,1)) end end

It’s not hard, just decompile the model mirror it in MS3D save and compile again :slight_smile:

There’s a tool that does this, and more. you can set the % of how large each direction (X,Y,Z), you can make it negative, producing this effect. However, you can make objects larger with it too.

Also for more fun type this into the console.

lua_run_cl hook.Add(“Think”, “FunnyModelThink”, function() for k,v in pairs(ents.GetAll()) do if v.SetModelScale then local t = CurTime() v:SetModelScale(Vector(Sin(t), Sin(t+1), Sin(t+2))) end end end)

Thanks for the support guys.
My script’s actually using SetModelScale to make models turn inside-out but I’m wondering if I can flip the model without losing that effect.

lua_run_sh Sin=math.sin "hook.Add('Tick',8,function() for k,v in pairs(ents.GetAll())do if v.SetModelScale then local t=CurTime()v:SetModelScale(Vector(Sin(t),Sin(t+1),Sin(t+2)))end end end)
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It helps me out, since I was thinking about this a few days ago.

Was following a link :frowning: Didn’t notice the last post date.

Invert the x and y axis?

This issue has already been answered.

Invert either 1 or 3 axises and render using clockwise cullmode. I guarantee (oh god how do you spell this:ohmy:) this will work.

Cullmode wasn’t available in vanilla gmod 1.5 years ago, lol.

True that, but I didn’t want folks to be confused and do what the guy 2 posts above suggested.