Is there any way to play the HL2 campaign anymore?

I can load the level just fine, but I think all the npc scripts are broken.


you launch hl2

Well I meant when you mount it on gmod. Gmod makes HL2 better.

Play it how its meant to be played?

how does a sandbox game make hl2 better

To be fair it is pretty fun messing about playing HL2 in gmod. I remember me and a friend built a little tank to sit in when we were fighting a bunch of combines. Though we forgot to put a cannon on it, so we just had to try and run them over…

For the good old times sake, I assume no one of you even remember how Garry’s Mod started after all, it was single player only but hilarious to mess around with the physgun and such.

I think that should be Garry’s Mod Legacy function, I mean thats how it began and how it should remain.

I really wish Garry would get around fixing the bugs.

Because with built-in Kinect support, instead of picking up that can, I can punch that Metrocop in the face. :eng101: