Is there any way to preview how will viewmodel look ingame?

So, i just got into putting different weapon in default hands, making different animations etc. and i got one problem… I don’t know how to make it look properly[/media]

Here’s an example… The model is obviously way too centered and i don’t want that…


This thing also, as you can see, it is too much in the center and too reached out

I know i could just redo the whole thing, but with my luck it would end up somewhere offscreen… Now to my question:

Is there any way to preview how will the viewmodel look ingame? (in 3DS max) Or is it just trial and error? Thanks.

Source SDK modelviewer?
There’s a “Viewmodel mode” in the View options.

I meant without compiling :slight_smile:

Yeah right, i am dumb because i don’t want to compile every time i make some little change…

I fucking love the Plasma Gun. Almost as much as the Rocket Launcher. Almost.

and on-topic, I don’t believe there is a way past compiling and viewing in the Source Model Viewer. I don’t think any one 3D modelling program would have an option for viewmodels past maybe XSI ModTool.

Yeah, i’ll try to make sweps of all weapons from quake 3 :3

Oh well… So i’ll have to compile it a few times before making any animations…

you should make the quake 2 bfg. the quake 3 one was crappy.

Oh god please tell me you are doing the lightning gun thing next :o

where to download it? non-steam version, if possible, plz! :smiley:

It’s in the Source SDK directories. I’d say where, but it’s been too long since I last poked around in there for me to be sure.

You’d want to use the steam one cause if you don’t, when our wonderful friends over at Valve update the engine, the viewer won’t show you the proper stuff. The only legal use for a non-steamed sdk that I can think of is to be used on a computer without internet. But then you won’t be able to install Gmod anyway, so what would be the point? O_o

XSI is the only program I know of that can simulate viewmodels.

There is no, “Non-Steam” version.

You most likely have it if not open steam go into tools and download Source SDK and once it’s done open it and select the game you want and then open model viewer

where? i installed steam only for THAT, but i only saw Dedicated Servers. i deleted steam right away :smiley:

You have to have VALVe games on it for Source SDK.

Create a camera at the origin with a FOV of 54 degrees?


Wow. You honestly thought they’d just give out model sources like that?