is there any way to protect maps?

let me clarify that decompiling is unstoppable. which sucks. but i am referring to people who can decompile, edit, and reupload.

is there any workshop protection that you can use to take down/stop reuploads of what you have created?

You can contact Robotboy655 about getting the file taken down if it was uploaded without permission. You can also use if you only want to allow certain servers to use it.

Similar to what code_gs said, you can use Entspy to modify the bsp, by deleting many entities. And when you save, you Preserve the checksum so the map wont be different from server (if it doesnt let you preserve the checksum, that mean it wont work)

Then you upload the original bsp on your server, and the modified bsp on the fast dl. People will all download the “corrupted/broken” bsp, and the map will only be playable on your server.

You can also add crash server system in your map by using Entspy.

a filter, a trigger.
OnStartTouch !activator Kill 0
OnStartTouch filter TestActivator 0.1
Boom server crashed :slight_smile: