Is there any way to remove the underwater overlay using only LUA?

Is there any way to remove the underwater HUD overlay using only LUA?
I´ll be very happy if someone could give me a example if this is possible.

I’m pretty sure it’s a command that requires sv_cheats to be set to 1, so there isn’t a way to do it currently.

You probably could use **[Render.RenderView](**, but I’m not sure.

The whole idea with this thread was to find a solution for this and make a “underwater air bubble”, where the underwater HUD overlay should be removed when the player is in a “sphere” or a “square”.

Problem is, underwater areas are an entire second render of a level. That’s why water tends to halve your FPS by simply being there (Not collective). To be able to remove parts of this rendering, you would need a DLL Module that interfaces some C++ commands with lua commands, or you could try contacting that guy who made a mod very similar to this, but it was waaaaaaaay too buggy to be released.

I’m pretty sure that you can modify material files on the fly.


It’s an r_* command, so the client has to install it. Not likely to get the client to install the module.

Just use IMaterial as long as you know all of the underwater overlay material names.