is there any way to report people?

I have no idea if its against the rules but two idiots called Mr Nice Guy and Mr Polar Bear keep building shacks and doors and locking people in on the PVE map, good thing I have a crap ton of C4 eh?

No, because that’s part of the game. In order to survive sometimes you need to prevent people from gaining access to resources, so it’s a common tactic to lock people in other places and either force them to get out or to suicide. It’s part of player freedom and I don’t see why it should be against the rules in the first place.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are no rules in the game or on the website.
You can actually do whatever you want ingame and say anything you want, I’ve never seen anyone getting banned for acting like an asshole or saying that Hitler did nothing wrong.

It would be stupid to ban people when there are no official rules anyway

There are rules, it’s just extremely vague, something like don’t cheat.

Maybe in the future when there are private servers with admins who set rules, but right now it seems it’s anything goes. So for now you’ll have to deal with kids who are on for the sole purpose of trying to prevent you from playing the game. Plus if they were to set rules at this point, who would enforce them?