Is there any zombie server

Are there any server that have modded back in zombies?

Ummm no, no server has zombies.

Zombies were permanently removed from the game. Get over it.

How dare you want to enjoy something more fun than these mutant animals.

Zombies are trite.

May as well glue some “steampunk” cogs to them and get Mountain Dew to sponsor them so Microsoft can fuck them up and call the whole mess ‘pop culture’.

Zombies suck.

If you want zombies and survival, go play Minecraft or something.

Zombies are removed from the game and are not coming back.

But but but but but but ok

Because red animals are soooo interesting and fun.

And permanent.

Oh wait…

He asked a simple question without bitching or complaining and here you come again; swooping in and sounding like some pretentious douche bag. You must be a real joy at home.

This guy is like Lord of All Fanbois. I’ve come to expect nothing less.

You could tell him that the devs decided to make all guns fire confetti and he’d lash out if you dared to question it.

Excuse me, this is my title. :zoid:

EDIT: I think I might actually change my title to that.

If I could raise my post count to your level I’d challenge that. But alas. I cannot.

To be honest with you, this is the Facepunch forums, there is nothing strange about the firm responses to a question that we can all agree has no solution that is asked from the user.

Hm, you registered today, basically just to say that nonsense. Whose alt are you? :v: