"Is There Anybody Out There?" - Man Against The Wall

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I really hate this image, But i did too much work for it to not get a thread. Especially since i made the map specifically for it and spent about two hours compiling it due to its massive size.

Use super dof, simple just kinda kills a picture.

still its pretty fancy.

Super DOF crashes my GMod.

Turn off your HDR lighting.
it was either that or something else close-by in the settings menu.

turn off multicore usage

then again with those graphics I doubt you have more than one core ~lol~

That’s on maxed-out graphics.

You such a pink floyd addict.

Source is very annoying when it comes to graphic settings. If it thinks you have a card that won’t be able to run something it won’t even show the option.

It also seems to think that max graphics is suitable for gameplay with my crappy onboard. It’s not.

Kinda wasted time with that map since you could have used a piece of wall and material tool.

But i needed that Skybox, it is sex. Plus i plan to improve it with more features from The Wall movie, perhaps some fascist decals and such.

That skybox doesn’t look very good combined with that fog effect.

Yeah i realized that after the fact and couldn’t get the angle again.

First of all, the man’s hands are not portraying any depth of gripping onto the bricks. Use reference for climbing. Compositionally, this is an utter shitfest that I or anyone can bare to take witness. I can’t help but notice that big white lens flare at the right of the picture. It has no point to exist, especially in the juxtaposition when the clouds in the background begin to overlap the lens flare. I don’t know what the fuck this is supposed to be. Was there a nuke or a big bang? And then it’s gone. This is half assed and a poor attempt to portray…anything aesthetic. Just because you go on gary’s mod and start placing random valve props in some grotesque manner does not mean you can produce art. This lacks anything artistic, and I can’t bitch enough about this horrible mess of pixels and polygons. LEARN TO DRAW!

But…this isn’t drawn? Why would he need to learn how to draw?

miss david you can slouch provocatively all you want or you can tell me what you want

I’m going to assume some woman on the other side of the wall is giving him worst blowjob he will ever have. v:v:v

what makes you think it was a woman

Yeah well you’re an asshole.

I like you