Is there anyone out there who is good at building ships?

Hello all,

I am currently working on a machinima ideas for my machinima group. I have come up with one but im not that of an advanced ship builder. I am wondering if there is anyone who is an expirenced ship builder that could help me. My stream name is coffeeplant. The ships i am interested in are space ships.

P.S the person would be required to have hamachi (or posslibly be able to get up a server), wire, space build (all)

thank you

What is it that you are wanting? A pirate-style ship? A more modern ship? A paddle-wheel ferry? A row-boat? Be more specific.

Ah nvm

What a coincidence. I got a 10%-done script about a spacebuild machinima.

What kind of size do you want? I have a massive dupe collection of ships I made ranging from cruisers, to transports, to fighters. They are fully Life Supported (LS3 SVN), and controlled with an advanced gyropod.

Built for SB3 SVN

Andvanced gyropod:(

even if you dont want my ships I reccomend the advanced gyropod.

I oringinally was prebuilding them for lan parties! :smiley: (because my brother is too much of a minge to make a spaceship)

He means cruise ship, not a space ship

It says right on his post he wants space ships.

Well I have a server so pay me and you can use it.

I am kinda a n00b at spacebuild but people still say I make awsome ships so I can help

I am learning to make wire turrets atm so as an idea of what I could do I can make an automated spacestation you can dock with with it’s own defences

Auto-turrets, huh? How good are you in that department?

I Learnt how to make them fully automated now and can build pretty much any turret with the SB entities. I can also make a atmospheric probe with wiremod that tells you what a planet’s like without you actualy having to go there :slight_smile:

I can’t get the MAC guns to fire though, anyone know how to work them?

I do. They have two inputs, Charge and Fire. Wire a button to each of these then hold down the Charge button until the railgun charges above a certain value (ChargeLevel output, I think). Once the CanFire output is 1, you can fire the thing. Of course you don’t have to use buttons but it gives you the general idea. For example, I wire Fire to CanFire so the railgun fires instantly as soon as it is charged.

cool, thanks. When do you need my help, if you want it?

I laughed so much at infinity wanting you to pay to set up a server

Hamachi VS 3.99

I know which one I’d go for.

Not pay to set one up, pay to rent server. But is kinda funny :slight_smile: