Is there anything special with stairs?

whenever I make stairs, I kind of fly off the top when I’m walking down them. However, in every map I’ve played, when walking down stairs you stay on top of them and don’t fly over the edge when you’re walking down.

Is there anything special that needs to be done to stairs, or is it just getting a good ratio between the height and the depth of each step?

Each step should be eight units tall twelve units wide. Looking at them from the side of course. Make sure to have a player clip going over all of them so that it isn’t jaggedy when you walk down or up them.

Like, a right triangle player clip that covers each step so that you’re walking up a ramp but it appears you’re walking up stairs?



Well actually it depends, make sure that if the stairs can be walked under (for example stairs to a catwalk) make it so it only covers the steps in a weird rhombus shape.


Do that for optimization.

Right right, thank you.

Another good tutorial, copy-paste from

  1. stairs

Stairs. Yes. Stairs. They allow you to climb to the next level in both real-life as the amount of visleafs your map has. If you don’t make all those steps entities, you will get a visleaf for every step. Please look at the following pictures to understand that. I don’t think you will need comments to understand them. The first picture is an editor shot of the stairs, then a picture with all the steps and sides not func_detailed and lastly one where the stairs and sides are func_detailed:

Sideways, this is the right situation of the picture below:

The big triangular brush is a world brush, the small ones are the steps. I could offcourse used the left situation here, but since the walls and ceiling are already going upwards, we might as wel have the fake floor go upwards aswell.

So, in summary:

A (group of) brush(es) should be func_detailed when:

a)If the player stands on one side of the brush(es), he sees a lot more or less than when he is standing on the other side looking in the same direction. (like the pillars)

b)The brush(es) is/are detailed or small ( like the details on the wall, or the stair-steps )

c)The brush(es) is/are not square or straight ( like all cylinders or arches, or the middle pillar in the pillar example )

d)The brush(es) are at an angle ( like the roofs )

e)The brush(es) jut out into a room while no visblocking is required

You should add a hidden nodraw brush inside this func_detail if you still need the visibility blocking properties of the (group of) brushes you just func_detailed. You will learn more about when you need these visibility blocking properties in the next two chapters.

If you ever want to know how your level is divided into visleafs ( this is very handy to find out whether or not you have func_detailed enough, and/or you missed some stuff, use Glview. Read more about this program and how to use it here

If you are new to func_detailing, use Glview a lot to find out how your level is divided into visleafs. You won’t even believe how much visleafs a single brush can make. And you will never learn either, unless you use Glview ( or the ingame alternative ) to experiment

The example map made by Valve dealing with func_detail can be found in “sourcesdk_content\hl2\mapsrc\sdk_func_detail.vmf”

The above post is more or less what I said much more detailed.

It might be because you played the other maps in GMod and your in HL2.

There was a fix a while back that stopped the player go flying if they ran up a ramp or something.

Do this, otherwise the game thinks you are free-running right off an edge.

Just think of it as if the game thought you were tiny, and the stairs were cliffs.

The game actually detects when you are going down a small enough step and just pulls you to the next surface in the series of steps. So I think the OP is just using really huge steps on his staircase.

Yeah i agree with HiddenMyst.

When I compiled my map in HL2, I would go careening off the edge of steps that don’t have player clips covering the surface even if they were 8x12s. But, someone said that in GMod it pulls you down to the next step if it’s small enough, even non-standard stair sizes.

Here try this console command

sv_gravity 5000 That will stick you to the stairs alright. :v:

The fall damage from dropping one step could be enough to kill you :v: