Is there anyway to get CS:S things into GMOD with out buying it?

Because I don’t wanna spend 20 bucks for a game I won’t play just to get it into GMOD. Will anybody help?

So you want Counter-Strike: Source assets without paying for them?

No, you can’t do that legally.

Its a fun game.

Meh. I guess i’ll save up for it.


There is a way, but you would have to copy each individual file illegally of course and making 20 bucks is ALLOT easier.

Just stop being a tight ass. You can pick up CS:S now for like $5.00 on steam somedays. If it’s $20.00, go down to like bestbuy or frys or something, they have them preowned for like $10.00

You can do it illegally.

But good luck getting somebody to admit that. :q:

You must buy the game or you can’t get CS:S in your G-Mod.

There used to be a way but you would have to own css on another account if you already had it but not on your gmod acc and I believe I heard it was illegal anyways just buy css for 15$ USD from steam store it’s a fun game.

Don’t retail copies have a cd key that are permanently attached to the account you add it to?

Not only that, the retail CDs link directly to Steam.

Like I said guys, I’ll save for it.

In other words, buying a pre-owned retail copy of CS:S is practically throwing away money because you can’t reactivate it.