Is there anyway to make the game less laggy?

The game is so laggy, that I can’t even play it! The game’s main menu is lag really badly that I can not click on a sever.
Is there anyway to at least make it less laggy

  • Choose Fastest in game launcher, start the game
  • Go to options in that menu (with the flaming barrel), turn graphics settings (render quality) to nothing
  • Click “Apply Changes” a few times to make sure it’s actually registered (can take a few tries when it’s laggy - change volume at the same time to max/none for an easy form of feedback when it’s worked)
  • Close the game
  • Right-click your desktop, and see if you have “graphics properties” or “nvidia control panel” - if so, clickem
  • Under ‘3D’ settings, turn off everything you can, such as ‘antialiasing’, ‘anisotropic filtering’, and so on
  • Save, close, start up the game
  • Hopefully not lag-city any more.

Sounds like you need a new computer, post your specs so i can see them. There are a few things you can try though that may help you get a better frame-rate.

-Turn off any background programs that aren’t necessary
-Turn off any start-up programs that aren’t necessary, then restart
-when launching game turn down the resolution and set the graphics to the lowest setting
-in game hit f1 and type grass.on false in the console
-in game open the options and drag the render quality all the way to the left
-make sure your windows is up to date, also check that your video drivers are up to date

If i missed anything someone else let me know. Most likely though your computer cant keep up with the game. Please post your specs. If you don’t know them use this tool.

Main things are, Motherboard, Ram, Cpu, GPU(Graphics card), Harddrive, and operating system.

Im pretty sure they changed the code and now less then 50,000 objects on a server lags worse and quicker then before.

The server list is also quite laggy because there are thousands of Rust servers right now,and it loads them all. Once you know the IP of servers you want to visit, you can connect directly to them by hitting F1 to pull up the console and typing “net.connect (IP address)”.

Please post your system specs, that’ll give us an idea of what kind of performance you can expect.

how do u learn the specific ip address

It’s listed in the console when you join.

Also, in the Rust Servers subforum, people almost always list their server IPs.