Is there anyway to set up a TF2 materials only configuration?

I know you can use Hammer to map for TF2, but a game configuration file isn’t generated for it, and it doesn’t like my manual config file.

So there’s that problem, but I also don’t want all the ep 2 materials (texture, etc) mixed in with the tf2 materials as its a hassle to find the right materials.

Any help would be appreciated.

Couldn’t you just type in ‘tf’ so that all the tf textures appear? I don’t know much sorry.


There is a default tf2 config AFAIK, make sure you’ve run the game at least once to the main menu and then try resetting game configurations on the main sdk window. (It’s under the OB engine and should appear in the dropdown list with ep2)

Just add “tf” as a filter in the material browser like stated above.

I finally managed to get the source sdk to recognise tf2, but when I enter tf in the filter, it narrows the list down to about 4 textures, all of which appear to be half life 2 textures.

I think it “tf” should go into “keyvalue”.