Is there ever going to be a single player?

Would be great when servers don’t work or the community inevitably gets so bad its unplayable.

No. We don’t need this.

Need does not equal want.

aight message my boy garry on skype he’ll talk with the developers to put a sp just for you

But the game wouldn’t be much fun without other people around, now would it? The PVE is nothing to write home about, all you’d be doing is building structures.

Alright, let me start over.

“No. We don’t want this.”

Ah, theres the reason i don’t use this website anymore.

Then don’t, we don’t need stupid suggestions like this, if you want a single player survival experience go play some Fallout or Minecraft, not Rust. The game revolves around raiding, not wimping out because it is too damn hard (and even if, you can always go PvE.) Case in point, the game NEEDS that player-to-player interaction some way or another to function properly.

I love it how he comes here, makes a suggestion that would ruin the game for anyone that utilized it and when we call him out for it he calls us rude.

“How dare you think my idea is stupid, it took me a whole sixteen seconds to think it up, I am going to rate everything you say as dumb because that will really show you!”

With no real knowledge, I think Rust can only be multiplayer since it runs on uLink, and also it is so much fun with other players anyways :slight_smile: