is there going to be an SP/PvE side to the game?

Really enjoying the game so far and have met a few really cool players as well as a few hackers and other plebs but there are times I would love to just kick back and play a bit of SP. Don’t get me wrong, I would still mainly MP this game but just like Minecraft there are a few occasions where I just like to relax and make my own stuff without any other player interference - especially as other players often use some very obvious cheats/hacks to ruin other people’s games.

Please tell me there will be SP in the menu at some point.

Garry has stated in a few posts, and in his AMA, that he is thinking of adding some sort of farming mechanic to the game. Of course right now these things are not part of core gameplay and will be put on the back burner for now until the time is right.

If you want sources, just ask.

Thanks and no I do not require any sources. I don’t mind waiting at all for an SP side to the game as I do not want it to impact developing, but sadly this type of game gets inundated with cheats almost on release day and sometimes I just like to SP :slight_smile:

There are pve servers, but no point in them too boring. Also SP would ruin the game xD its all about player interactions.

There are many PVE/PVP combined servers that host events or have specific areas like radtowns and other areas sanctioned for PVP.

As far as player interactions, most of the time they consist of people in full kevlar/M4s running around killing nakeds and being killed on sight without so much as a “how do you do?”

I’m not saying people shouldn’t PVP/KOS if they want to but just that there are alternatives.

And those servers are stupid and dumb :stuck_out_tongue: Vanilla servers are the only good ones.

To be fair PvE get’s boring really quickly. The AI isn’t very challenging and it doesn’t take long for you to get everything you could ever need.

Step One: Buy Server
Step Two: Success