Is there going to be more Rust Servers

So I have been wondering this for a while but is there going to be more servers. Since the game is public and that means more people which in turn= players. So Is there going to be ether an Us or Eu or just a second server. Maybe even private server although a doubt that will happen. Post your thoughts here!

I think having a EU/US server would be nice but it’d also split the community

Yes your right BUT its not exactly a small community anymore.

I think it would very nice, there would be less structures on one server. Which means less wipes, which can be good sometimes. :smiley:

Compared to before, it is.

ARE there going to be more servers…Not is.

Don’t be that guy, come on. The grammar in this subforum is horrid, and if you’d go around correcting all of it you’d break your fingers.

An server EU it’s a good idea because all french or english or spanish etc etc play with 350 pings always…

I have no trouble with Rust and I’m English?

The Rust server is hosted in Great Britain.

Seriously ? Why when i fought vs an american (Rama214 and his group) for example, the server lag and i take damage retarded etc (Fire—> Repply behind a wall—>Take damage…)

A minority of Rama’s group (Don’t know when this happened though) are european. It’s probably your internet which is at fault.

Okay, all the french have a bad internet connection, so …