is there going to be traps that we can craft? Post ideas here

I was just thinking with these new updates, is there going to be traps that we can craft like a bear traps, land mines, spring traps, trap doors is there going to be bow and arrows ? I am thinking of so much but im just waiting to buy a key for cheap first I hope these ideas get brought into the game. also are we going to be able to dig holes in the ground but make a limiter obviously on how deep you can go this would also give another effective use for foundations.

All good ideas in my opinion

yeh I thought that to with the bear traps they just impale you make you bleed out and slow you down, the land mines would kill you or a lot of damage, the spring traps would knock you back and deal a lot of damage and make you bleed out, the bow and arrows could make a great addition to the weapons. the digging down could put use to the trap doors as well where the raider or raiders fall down into a pit of wooden spikes or just that there trapped and they could die from starvation or the person who made the trap could kill them and collect the loot this could bring another item (ladders).