Is there is any chance to ripping Ghost Recon Wildlands models ?

Can somebody rip Ghost Recon Wildland models and share with us ? I did try rip these models with Ninja ripper and Archive_Next but i failed.If there is any chance to rip these models and if someone do it,i’ll be appreciated.3d vests and accessories enough for me.

Always did think these models would make for a kickass Fallout 4 mod.

Good idea,would be perfect.I’m thinking use them for Gta 5.

Archive_Next does work, as I’ve extracted a few things from it myself. I just don’t thing there’s very many people interested in doing some heavy duty porting from that game.

Archive_Next crashing when i check the models for some reason.I did contact to developer of software but they dont even know whats the cause.If you can extract the models without problems can you send it to me please ?

There’s already a Wildlands thread here done by me months ago…

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I know and i downloaded some of these models,but looks like people don’t care to much about porting this game and i asked a special request.