Is there no turret tool in GMod 13?

What the title says.
I want to spawn turrets, but the tool seems to have been removed, at least it isn’t in the Q menu.
Does this mean this useful feature was simply removed? Or is it just somewhere else than it was?
Also, there’s probably a thread like this already, but for some reason I “don’t have permission” to use the search function.

Nope. AFAIK a lot of tools that were in GM12 don’t ship with 13. The reasons for these tools not coming with GM13 is unexplained, I think, so we’re not sure why Garry didn’t have them in the first place. There are, however, versions of the left out tools available on the Workshop. I vaguely recall seeing a Turret STool addon as well, so you’ll want to try that.

No turret tool but it will be added later as something else.

If you just can’t wait then there is the add on in work shop called relocated STools

Or you could just use the wire turret tool.

I was thinking about the Wire turret tool too, but alas, the Wire Numpad is broken too, which means I have to use tons of Inputs/Dual Inputs.
No idea why Garry would remove this good feature.


I’m completely aware of that, but it doesn’t explain the tools that aren’t available in the menu.

The first three paragraphs addresses why the turret tool isn’t there.

Who needs a turret tool when you can build your own prop launching cannon?

But I’m not talking only about the turret tool, I’m talking about the other missing ones too, you’ll notice in my one sentence that I said tools with a plural and didn’t limit it to ‘turret’ tools