Is there some sort of trick to this?

I’m building a spacebuild cargo ship. I seed to have the hollow cargo container prop go directly up and down from the ship. When I try using a slider or rigid wired hydraulics it always spazzes out when something touches it. I’m doing dual cargo elevators, but welding them together encourages spazzing.

Is there a way to get them up, with something in them, without spazzing?

Play around with their weights.

I thought spacebuild svn came with an “elevator” tool

sliders are ass, avoid them at all cost … well that is my opinion

Weights, set the base prop to a high weight, set the prop that is meant to move to around 3/4 of the base props weight. Usually works for me!

Some roller coaster rails nocolided with the world might work.

… or the slider models

You could try the elevator STool, it’s pretty handy I hear.

try applyforce)(

well the best way to keep a slider stable is to make its weight 50,000 but in your case, I wouldn’t say it was very practical

Edit: sorry I mean the 2 props weights