Is there Weapon attachment in the Game?

Hello, I’ve been playing Rust for like 2 weeks now and Im wondering, Is there weapon attachment in the game?? Because I didn’t see any, And I would love to have a scope on my Bolt Action Rifle :stuck_out_tongue: !!!

There are no weapon attachments yet.

Well, you know, except for that one. :wink:

Man, I wish. No mention of this in at least the last 6 weeks from the Devs, that I can recall anyway.

It would bring the gunplay to the next level (and on par with basically every other shooting game on the planet). This seems like a huge missing piece to me…not sure why they haven’t gotten to this yet.

Thx for the answers :stuck_out_tongue: , so we Will Hope they Bring gun attachements soon !! :stuck_out_tongue:
And customizable weapons would be great too , exp: longer barrels for longer range and higher precision , sights with dot that light in the dark … All kinds of stuff like that !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lights, lasers, and ironsights are on the mind map