Is there yet another exploit to crash servers?

Hello Facepunch community, I remember 2 months back there used to be some “corrupt packet” exploit which would bring servers down at an instant, it now seems that for the past week servers of my community (notably DarkRP) have been restarting without any further symptoms. Does anybody have an input?
I know for a fact this is not caused by any of my addons, so please do not even attempt at suggesting that - it’s been occurring throughout the mornings in the eastern time zones, and may even occur when i’m the only one connected to the said server.

Reason i’m posting this? I want to know if other big communities have been experiencing the same issues - I’ve heard of recent rumors that new exploits were indeed found which can take servers down without any symptoms, and coincidentally, this has been widespread in my community as of last week.

It is your addons.
I own a very popular DarkRP server from germany and I did not experience a crash the past week at all.
When my server crashs at all, then it is not the fault of GMod itself.
It is something with your addons, sorry but If you want us to lie go to an cartomancy webpage.

Depending on your host (notable shared hosting) if your servers starts using a huge amount of resources they will restart it.
The cause for this will be shitty addons.

No crash logs?

What servers?

Even though I warned everybody that it’s not my addons beforehand, they decided to start pointing the fingers at them.
No, I’ve been using the same addons for the past 2 years on my servers, I think i’d know that’s not the issue by now.

As for ms333’s reply - no there is absolutely no crash log

So just to be clear, the individual game-servers ( not the host server ) restarts randomly. So does it restart as though you’d just shut it down, then load back up?

Maybe everyone is telling you it’s your addons because we have more experience in hosting and knowledge with Garrys mod…

Have you even removed addons and seen if it stops restarting before screaming “it’s not my addons!”

GMOD has been getting updates, which do break addons.

Last update broke CAC, so don’t think your addons are immune to getting broken…

Looks like this community is hard-headed.
Yes, I tried running the server with nothing besides DarkRP modification - aswell as had this done to my server while working on a backup for my community.

We’re not hard headed, you’re being ignorant. Did you remove your workshop addons too?

No, you sir are being ignorant. There’s a reason I said “do not attempt to blame it on my addons” I made sure it’s not them, so all you “LUA GODS” can stop looking down at me lol. I removed all my addons, had a freshly installed server with no configurations. I advertised the new IP within the shoutbox of my forums, and within seconds it was restarted multiple times without further notice - NFO (my host) just said it didn’t seem to have went down, but the players disconnected.

EDIT: it’s just funny how about 2 or 3 months back I told everybody my server is being crashed seemingly out of the blue, and all of you morons told me to check my addons as you are doing now aswell as gave me a “dumb” mark. I insisted that it’s not my addons - and within a week somebody leaked the corrupt packet exploits, leading to half servers on Garry’s mod were downed. Then I updated my thread and laughed in everybody’s faces. Like I said, I opened the thread to see if others are having similar issues, not to have people tell me to fix my addons.

No need to be hot-headed, we were just making sure, since you run a shit server.

yeah you might be onto something but have you checked your addons

you have darkrp installed, thats whats causing it. If you remove that addon everything will be fine

Why do you come to forums with this kind of attitude?
Go to SF and pay some kid to fix it, then you can take your anger issues on him, ok?

The thing is, you haven’t even answered my question asking for clarification of the issue. I’ve come across so many problems when running servers where I could think to myself ( it’s definately not this ) and it turns out it.

If it’s true that you’ve removed all your file based add-ons and workshop addons, and it’s still doing it, then that rules out that.

Have you put any custom lua files in the lua folder that might be causing it - although if it’s lua causing it you would usually get an error.

If you’d like help solving it, could you at least post your console.log from about 20 lines before it crashes - 20 lines after just so we can double check if anything jumps out.

Finally, are you hosting this on a dedicated/vps or is it individual garry’s mod server hosting? If it’s individual garry’s mod hosting and there’s nothing in your console.log that seems to be causing it then it might be worth talking to your host and asking them to see if they can spot anything happens - Just say it’s not good enough that your serve keeps restarting and you need it fixed, considering nothing is coming up your end in the logs.

If it’s dedicated / vps then it could be an OS issue or something running on the server that’s causing it.

It was no corrupt packet exploit. You don’t know what you’re talking about. The exploit caused your server to crash, not restart. The current “crash” exploits I know of don’t allow crashing, but rather freezing and/or lagging. Garry allowed people to send net packets with a negative length. It originally was used to crash 2-3 communities which ddosed thier competition. I told Willox about it, and he told Meep about it. However, it wasn’t used to crash your server. Months later, I heard of people abusing it to crash some guys server. Since the last exploit I reported to Rubat wasn’t fixed after 2-3 reports ( 1-3 line change was needed for fix ), I decided to initiate a “leak” because I heard of people abusing my exploit to crash some guys server people used it to crash all servers. There was no period where only you got attacked.

You have the same attitude as months ago, when people offered you help, you just called them morons. Learn to take some advice, ffs or just get outta here, honestly. A lot of these people do, as the Commander stated have more experience than you.

You come on here, asking for help, and then thrash the people (some of which have been doing this daily for years on end). Then you say to “Not mention the addons”, when they are single-handedly, one of the biggest reasons for server issues.

“But it’s not my addons!” you say.
Each time Garry’s Mod gets an update, numerous things can be changed, including but not limited to this nifty little thing called GLua. Welp, it just so happens, that addons ALSO use GLua (wow… imagine that – the more you know).

Within said updates, the GLua library can be modified to include new features, and remove the old. If an addon you’re using just so happens to be using a function, hook, or whatever that Facepunch has modified in the GLua, then tada! Broke!

And just because you’ve said “I’ve tested the addons”. Welp, I develop things using this nifty little language. And I’ve seen times where a SINGLE person has an issue with my script (out of the other 500 who used it reporting NOTHING wrong) causing some freak of nature to start acting off the wall. And it just so happens, his serverhad the “perfect conditions” to cause disaster. So just because you’ve given the addons a clean bill of health means about as much as Miley Cyrus licking the next metal object. Addons break other addons, code gets deprecated, it’s a fact of Gmod.

Your attitude is one of the worst I’ve seen yet, and some of these people you’ve called “morons”, I’ve seen code, and they are pretty damn efficient at what they do. So I’d be watching where you aim the hostility at. Being egotistical doesn’t get you far.

Also, when writing up the initial post for help, it would be nice to include ALL info, including the fact you removed ALL addons. Maybe even some error logs. Just a tid-bit of advice.

Btw… make sure you double checked the addons.