Is this a bad or illegal thing to do?

I’m sort of in a tight spot for money right now and can’t afford CS:S right away (I’m hoping it goes on sale soon, but if not I can get it in a few months). Anyways many lovely maps use CS:S and this was a pain and then my friend pointed me to the dedicated server updater (he has a server) which Valve put out and said I could get the textures and models and such that way, but he said he wasn’t sure about the legality of it.

Would this be illegal? I don’t want to make trouble. Or get into trouble. And Valve is such a nice developer I’m going to buy the game anyways when I can afford it.

i’ll buy you the game. what’s your steam name?

I’ll pm it to you. I have a thing about privacy (unfortunate incidents in time past).

Thank you very much!

You can only get the maps with the dedicated server updater. Textures and sound files are there so the server can find them, but they are blank to avoid people getting the game that way.

lol, because legality has stopped people before

yes, it is perfectly legal as you can get the maps, models, sounds etc. using HLDS anyway so not much of a difference if you get it without using HLDS