Is this a developer?

We run a very busy server, modded.

We just had a player on called Holmzy who showed as an admin and had admin powers yet we don’t know him and haven’t granted him privileges. When approached he claimed to be a developer and was checking stabilty etc.

Anyone heard of him or is this someone hacking? I ask because I’ll add his steamID to his ban list

That is me cheeze, I just came on and asked how the server was running sorry for any confusion

No that’s fine you are more than welcome. I wasn’t there but my admin team were worried and contacted me. Server is more stable now than it has been this last week. We also had a crash that our host said was due to a corrupted building that meant our map had to be wiped midweek. If that’s any help to you.

It could just be oxide and all the plugins we run I guess.

He is a good one too! banned a lot of hackers on legacy!

Yes we’ve actually spoken now in steam and I tested something on our server for him. Seems a nice guy.

That’s what he wants you to think.

I heard his character model has a bigger penis than everyone else.

I like the idea of dev’s popping into community servers to see how things work outside of their own dev servers, hope it happens a lot to many different community servers.

He was happy to look at an issue on my server 2 days ago. 20 minutes later a small server patch released and the issue was fixed. I’m not saying he did it but it was a nice coincidence anyway.