Is this a good server idea?

You all know that feeling of being naked, running through a meadow with only a rock, a torch and a spear to your name. The complete fragility and beauty of your very nature, ready to either elegantly spear someone through the head or fall apart. That’s a great feeling to have but unfortunately, it sort of goes away when you start gearing up. Not to say that gearing up is bad but it’s just not the same. That’s what my friend and I got to discussing last night while playing and we pitched a few ideas for what we called “Tribal Life”.

The core idea of Tribal Life is, in it’s simplest form, “trying to be as primitive and as fun as we possibly can”. We took one look at items like AKs, rocket launchers, huge metal bases and said “fuck that shit” and now we’re replacing it with a huge blood bath of people bowing and eoka’n each other. Things in vanilla gameplay are obviously going to have to be largely adapted to fit this new lifestyle so we’re going to change spawns, what’s craftable, resource gathering rates, etc.

We were thinking of making it so gameplay isn’t so raid-orientated and is more going in the direction of fun skirmishes where you don’t lose valuable items and still have fun. We planned to do this by making building of large bases difficult, probably by tinkering with structural integrity and maybe building cabinets where it’s needed. Also, since the list of weapons you can find/craft is lower on the scale of tech that basic weapons like spears are still a threat to someone with something like an SMG (or maybe Thompson, we’re not agreed on the Thompson yet).

We also will work on making a custom map for it, most likely in the shape of a huge cock and balls in honor of Rust tradition. Possible names include:
-9 Inch’er Island
-Garry’s Member
-Garry’s Gondola (my favourite)

Any more name suggestions are deeply, deeply appreciated. Any feedback in general is appreciated, whether you want to say it’s a great idea or tell me that I’m terrible and to stop trying.

I suggest you first concentrate on getting through puberty.

This’d be pretty cool, now I can finally tell people who complain about geared guys where to go.