Is this a keylogger or something?


Every time I load up a GMod Server, this little thing suddenly appears somewhere between Retrieving Server Info and Sending Client Info:

(picture was resized to 1024x768, sorry)

Ingame, it’s actually much smaller, maybe 4 pixels high and a little bit shorter than the box.
Clicking on it without GMod being active will make the sound come up for GMod, and disconnecting makes the box and program go away.

Any insight on what it is?

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It could be a graphical glitch. It may be a random box which is part of Garry’s Mod for some reason.

Eh, I just checked it on my other comp (much higher definition) and it seems it’s on there as well. Maybe it’s part of the server I play? (Gmod.BiZ eXtra Stranded)

I don’t think its a keylogger.
I think its just a graphical glitch.

Graphical Glitch, it’s on my comp as well (but it’s black on mine).

I think it has something to do with the Steam overlay.

Firefox is not a keylogger.


Well played, sir.

Who said so?

1st thing: I just turned Steam Ingame Overlay off on GMod, and it’s still happening >_<

2nd: No, Firefox is not a keylogger. I meant the white box that turns into a smaller, blank “window” without a frame.

4th: Bump.

SOLVED: Apparently, it was only a server-side issue. I almost never leave Gmod.biZ Stranded >_<

I love that server…btw, a bit off-topic, but do you know how to fix that bug where you loose your weapons except the one you are holding? I know you gain them back if you die and you have the keep weapons thingy (after a certain level), but might be helpful for new players!

Hello Guys,
just want to answer this thread too.
Since the Engine update this happens.
It’s probrably something with the ingame radio.
Can’t fix that.