Is this a legitimate DMCA Report?

Is this a valid claim? I thought that Nexus was free, but I haven’t really been keeping up with these gamemode e-drama things.

I wouldn’t worry about it. If you’re that concerned, don’t use the gamemode (it isn’t a very good one to begin with… certainly not worth being sued over)

I would call his telephone number and ask for the copyright infringement links and proof of the E-Copyright.
edit: I searched for a copyright

and did not find anything, I did find Nexus II but not Nexus Two as it must be started spelled out or else the copyright is NOT valid.

It would never hold up in court because it falls under the Source SDK license. Selling a modification to the Source engine (regardless of it being C++ or lua) is a violation.

From the subscriber agreement

In that case, Have fun :slight_smile:

I think I should give him a ring…

Thats the proper way to send a DMCA Report, But you can’t copyright a gamemode. Also he needs proof of it being copyrighted.

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I still wonder how the fuck Kuro/ Conna is still in business. he has been in violation of the EULA for a good amount of time now.

Then again, Valve don’t really seem to want to care.

Late, but no. Fine them.

Valve turn a blind eye I think. As will the courts in this case; ignore it.

not like its a private wow server, then blizzard would be chewing your ass up with DMCA tickets
I would feed it to my document shredder.

No it isn’t a violation. It is a Garry’s Mod modification and not a modification based on the available Source SDK. So basically it depends on what kind of license Garry has with Valve.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Valve themselves (Mike Dunkle) have hinted that gmod mods fall under the Source SDK, obviously I Am Not A Lawyer, but it would be foolish to try and pursue it because even if you won against a third-party as a copyright violation (and assuming it isn’t thrown out simply because it’s a contract violation in the first place), Valve has the resources to come after you.

I know people often pay mappers for the effort in creating a map, but never for the map itself, as that would be illegal. Assume it’s the same story here.

Ignore it. There’s no way it’ll stand up in court anyway.

I’d tell them to go fuck off bluntly. Ideal Hosting is a shame and Kuro/Conna are in violation of the Valve’s ELUA/TOS.

Conna is selling his script as a product, paying a person to map for you is different.

A Lua script is a text document and can be sold as it does not directly fall under the Source SDK as Lua is not GMod only.

Maps is created through the source SDK with valve technology, that is a totally different thing than text