is this a SuperDOF error?

hi, i was trying to use superdof in one of my poses for the first time, so i opened the superdof window, set the sliders, and then clicked the render button, the picture immiediatly returned to its non-SuperDOF state (no wiggly lines around stuff in the distance and such), and after 10 minutes or so, my game crashed. so i restarted the game and tried again, but this time when i clicked the render button the screen went black with a white square covering the upper right hand side of the screen, and again, after 10 minutes or so, the game crashed.

am i doing it wrong? my garrysmod runs at 60fps with all settings on the highest possible and the highest possible resolution.

system spec’s:

Intel core I3 cpu, with each core at 2.93GHZ
ATI Radeon HD 5700 series GPU
700GB harddrive
4MBs of RAM

SuperDoF has been broken for awhile, well at least I’m pretty sure.

Don’t use SuperDOF. It’s buggy and doesn’t even look that good.