Is this acceptable behavior?

So, I bought a key today, Even though I told myself I was going to wait… The game just looked too appetizing… Worth it, In my opinion.

However, I jumped on the non-pvp server with a friend who knew how to play already, and was enjoying my time. I stopped at a fire to make some metal fragments, and before I knew it, I was inside somewhere… Took me about 5 seconds to realize that 2 guys had built a wall around me, slammed a door on it, then added some boxes infront of the door so they could open it and shoot me… Keep in mind… It was the non-pvp server… So the whole shooting me thing didn’t work out… I’m still stuck in there though…

I was just wondering if this kind of behavior is allowed, and is it common?

Aside from this, I’m really enjoying the game, Looking forward to future updates!

It’s allowed, seeing as it’s griefing. It’s suggested that they’re kill on sight.

Alright, I didn’t know at the time that you could hatchet wooden doors, That made it 10x easier, Thanks for the response.

They sound like meanie pants, also, that seems like a cheap tactic to put a box around someone!

Dude, I swear to god I was right next to you, in one of the same huts, in the same situation,but I had my good friend sirscoots come and save me, so its all good and you should expect it. and me and scoots own the GIANT tower on the non pvp server, so if anyone needs help, ask for Seth.

There is a difference between griefing and raiding; griefing should not be allowed, per se, but raiding should, since that’s also different from PvP. You know?

What they did would be griefing, but blowing up a metal door while someone was in their house isn’t griefing, but raiding.

It’s in very poor, and immature taste to do something such as that.

Non-pvp called for pve, Player Versus Electronics, and where, Grefing, raiding shouldn’t really be allowed because it’s not player against player, and Blocking people like that have to be fixed one way, since it’s alpha, there is not very much to do, but when they game wll have it’s fully release I think there will be Rules, Order and control on the servers. and These kids that is ´doing this dosent deserve to play this game. Because they ruin the fun in this game.

Yeah, I agree with that. Griefing is just making someone’s time not very enjoyable, with constant bashing and intentional things like blocking people in with walls.

Raiding is a common scapegoat for griefing though, =\

Raiding on pve is fine, especially now that duping is fixed. Griefing and blocking people is funny once or twice, except when it gets to the point where its just loading the server up with junk to the point where its almost unplayable. Preventing others from playing the game by spamming deployables is considered a denial of service attack. So definitely not cool.

Yes, I agree fully on that, though I like that there is something a bit player versus player in the PvE world that isn’t just mindless killing, especially killing fresh spawns.

Yeah, I think the raiding process is actually really cool, with the fact you can build bases from complete scratch too.

Can’t wait to see what the game will look like when it’s polished up, with lots and lots of new things added.

( I can’t wait until I’m able to get a hold of a key because of this Dutch Auction thing. )

If they put a door then you can break it with your rock just might take a WHILE like a long while and then the boxes are somewhat easier then the door to break

I’m extremely excited. For being in Alpha it is really good so far. Building from scratch and the ability to actually lose things you’ve gathered is really fun, being shot just for spawning is not, but everyone has their own opinions and enjoy differeny aspects. I do like PvP and hope it’s shaped to be a bit better in the long run.

Yeah i totally agree… But i hate when i lose things but that definitely keeps me playing this game over and over xD