Is this adminabuse? He always was nice

I played on a very nice server with a good group. The admin is no player and very active. He already helped us twice really fast against hackers and tp’t us out when we were stuck. But yesterday he took an airdrop in godmode and invis armor. He only spawned in stuff to give it back to us what has been destroyed by the the no clipping hackers. Now I am unsecure. Do you think it will get worse? He never abused yet. I guess he was just bored. He didnt kill us either. And I am 100% sure he took it because he used the c4 afterwards on the floor while invisible.


Did the server have random airdrops as a standard feature. They may normally be disabled and accidentally turned on causing one to spawn. If this was the case all he was doing was cleaning up their own mess.

They maybe testing something with loot tables (not sure if any mods allow changing of this) and they didn’t want c4 to be available.

No c4 is allowed. We can even craft it. And we asked him why but got no response. We got one of the two drops. He took the second one

Although it wasn’t affecting anyone directly, to me this is abuse. You have to make up your own minds on what levels you consider as abuse.

Ok they aren’t banning people left right and center for killing them or spawning in items and going on killing sprees. To me, any abuse is abuse. The spawning of items took by hackers to me falls under general admin role… Same for the tp when stuck. Although if I was an admin on a server I would just laugh at you for getting stuck.

But I’m just a dick so meh.

He may have been playing around with a spawned in signal beacon, and didnt want people to get an unfair advantage from it. If he isnt abusing your houses, killing you with the uber hatchet or anything. I don’t think its an issue.