Is this always like this? People not apperciating?

I might have been overreacting, or was just doing the right thing?
I have ported this model from The Saboteur, i got it all working etc.

I have uploaded it first here at facepunch, then at the DoD:S section at Gamebanana.
After 3-4 mins i’m coming to, going to upload my model, then i suddenly see this guy,
he uploaded my model. What he did was, copying my description at Gamebanana, and paste it at,
He never credited me, asked for my permission. His description was “This model was created by Pandemic Studios, and i have ported it into GMOD. If you want more, please subscribe at blah blah blah
join my steam group bleh bleh bleh”. My description at Gamebanana was “This model was created by Pandemic Studios, and i have ported it into DoD:S.”

I didnt want to report him, well he might get his steam account blocked from, so i politely asked him on steam:
“hey man, its a model i ported that you’ve uploaded, mind removing it?”
he replied “Yes i know this model.” and blocked me.

He saw that on my main thread on FP i said i’m going to report so he deleted the file, and came to rant on my original file here. (I’m Lior Iluz btw)

So please tell me, who do you think is right? Read the facebook comments.

There is a simple rule to the internet.

People are dicks.

This, is life.

If I could model for shit, and I saw my hard work stolen. I would take my upload down and not release it.
Nothing that I hate more than work being stolen like that. In your case op, at least he deleted the file.

Afterwards he came to my upload arguing trying to be the nice guy here.

Well, all I can say, shit happens and you gotta learn to get through it.

So, the guy stealing the work has the only available download and you stop producing helpful content for garrysmod?

Yea! That will show him for beng a dick!.. You’re an idiot :wink:

Lol, that’s just what I would do, I’m not telling him to do that. Dumbass :wink:

I’ve read the conversations. You may be right, but you sound almost like a jerk.

Hows that?

Well, I guess the smartest thing to do would be to not argue with him any longer than needed.

Don’t argue with them. Tell them they didn’t credit you and report. Bam done.

I know this may really suck for you, but you have to understand that you don’t own the model in any form shape or work, not even the “port” work, because you’re using content that you didn’t create. Basically he’s a huge dick, but there’s nothing you can do about it. (“legally” speaking).

I could spend fifty years of my life filming the best movie the world has ever seen, but in the movie, during 0.1 second, I use a sound that I didn’t make and that I don’t have the rights to, that means basically the ownership of the whole movie is void. Same principle here.

It’s just how it is.

If you had made the model, textures, etc… everything yourself, then yes, you’d be perfectly within your rights to get him to take it down.

I’m pretty sure this was a given, he was just asking why people are always dicks :slight_smile:

You don’t seem to know much about copyright law. Heard of the 10%/30second rule? You wouldn’t own the whole works, but you would own the parts you contributed to (being all but 10%/30 seconds of it)

That mostly happens because people without any imagination (mostly American / German kids) envy a person’s hard work and try to steal it and if they don’t succeed, like in my case, they will just try to bring you down morally.

My advice for future releases:

  1. Get yourself a proof that you are the original author, so that kids won’t be able to steal it (a picture demonstrating your ownership will work as most kids will just erase your name , leaving a white space, and add their own so it will be easy to tell which is real and which is fake)
  2. Just give the trolls in your thread one straight answer to clear up confusion.
  3. Kids will be kids. If someone does steal your work, report it, or write a link to YOUR original creation in the comments section (if there is one)

How to get proof of ownership? Well during your creation of the actual mod, take periodical screenshots. I don’t need to tell you that you should also get your steam profile name visible in the screenshots. (move the steam friendslist so its visible in the screenshot)

A very concerned Skyrim Modder.

edit: wtf I just read something some guy above posted. Dude, this is the internet, and these are random mods no one will ever care about. If you want to avoid being the victim of a copyright theft do the above. Or improvise and get a video while you make this mod.

Simple, just report him and have proof you upload the file before him. Though you just ported it, not much of a big deal. If you created it, then that’d probably be a better reason to report him.

put hints and shit into e2 if its a contraption

-> Edit file -> Remove hints -> Upload.
Like that is ever going to work? Just guess how many people I met that claimed to have created the Drunk Combine.