Is this bad?

Is this bad? I have 15 people on the server and everybody ping goes to 100 when round ends and starts. And also when the game is going on, most of us feel tons of fps lag. I have a 560ti dcii top clocked at 1ghz with i5 2500 and im have fps lag too.

This is hosted by nfo ran at 66 ticks

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I have no clue, but honestly, why blot out the names? What is the point? Is it a private server? Did every single one of them want their name blotted out? Why?
Moving on, I have never hosted a server, but you might try removing and adding certain addons if you have any. If you use one nobody uses, it might not be properly scripted and could potentially cause server lag, who knows. Also, check in with your server host about what might be happening. I don’t know, I have never made/had a server myself.

This is an issue with the server. During round end and start TTT often has a lag spike, you just have to live with it. If it occurs at random times, try setting the tickrate to 33.