Is this bug for real? (Alt Tab through doors)

My buddies informed me today that all of our stuff was gone because someone alt tabbed next to our base and was able to walk about freely through all the doors and take all our stuff. It’s just hard for me to believe this bug is still in the game. This is game breaking.

Edit: Video moved to the top

I’ve never heard of this.


Apparently from what I’m told, you can Alt Tab next to a base and when you come back after a little bit, all the doors will be open and you can freely walk through their base.

Is there a way to defend against this? I don’t think my group is going to play anymore until this is fixed.

Until I see a video of this, I am calling you out Mr Troll haha

The only way this can be done is on a server that has the sanity check for doors turned off from what I’ve been told, which is NOT the default setting. Otherwise, yes, you’ll see doors open, might even be able to kill people through them, but as soon as you try and run through you’ll get disconnected.

I’m not trying to troll. It was more of a question if this is actually possible, as I did not see it.

Either way, we are trying to replicate the bug and I will post a video if we can do it.

It was a light hearted accusation haha, but yeah if you do manage it, I would be intrigued to see a video.

I cant imagine any way how that could be possible a video perhaps?

You can 100% do this, we just did it. I’m making the video now.

Come on Xstar, we need your damn proof :stuck_out_tongue:

this needs to be fixed asap.

wow damn!

Gonna try that.
Have to annoy some nasty raiders with my ghost pickaxe. :v:

plz fix right away last thing i want is to have to ban ppl for bug abuse.

One server ban.
There are thousands of servers. :quagmire:

Can you edit/delete your post on HOW to do it, send a PM to a dev about it. Otherwise EVERY person will be doing this.

is this on all servers or only specific types?

The more people that do it, the more this will circulate, the more people will complain, the higher the chance the problem will be fix in a timely manner. Keep it up.