Is this epic or is it EPIC!!...

Photoshop/Gimp and Gmod are 2 awesome things…

Try not to use simple DoF, use SuperDoF.
If that crashes your game get the modded SDoF (If that still works, don’t know a link though)

It’s nice for a first though.

Interesting bullet impact style.

Care to link me to a 2dn?

They’re changing.


He means that if these pictures are your first, they are very nice.

Those bullet impacts are fugly.

2nd? No I was talking about your pics, they are nice for a first post here.

Best thread title ever.

Agreed, but only on the first picture. In the second pic I dig the style of the impacts alot. It’s cartoony, but in a good way. One or maybe two of them are a bit of misaligned though.

Hmm, nice use of that one TTT map

Lovin dem impacts :v:

Why is my icon different in this post then my first!!!..


please if you would like to show me how to do bullet impacts on dirt the unfugly way go ahead I’m waiting

Sounds like someone cannot take criticism.


Criticism is fine and dandy, but I think he wanted constructive criticism. Like how to make the impacts unfugly, like he just asked (even if he had an asshattish underlying tone.)

Face desk… I’m sincerely asking him that.


… my avi…

Stop using the word epic.

It’s not 2006.