is this even possible since wipe (on au)

Considering the server’s where wiped and it’s onley 9.28 am in Australia is this even possible to have all this built gather all the resources and not be killed once ? while building this impossible ??? no way ??

I say he dupe it for sure way to fast i have farmed all day with friends and can only make a small house with 1 level let alone this lol all other houses iv came across are nothing but small and there even a group of people who don’t even match this and been working for hour’s i just don’t see this possible without going out to gather a shit ton of resources without dieing

behind the first set metal door’s layed heaps more behind it so on so on covered in door’s

P.s oh shit i apologize i forgot to turn off the police scanner

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Shenanigans abound. Within an hour of the servers coming up we had a group of four or five guys on US East in full Kelvar and M-4s mowing people down. About two hours in I heard a group in chat saying they had 20 c-4 and were about to go raiding…

really holy shit how ?? i have a group of friend’s who play and (where all in our 20s we know what where doing) and there no way we could get that much resources without being killed or fucked on since the server had like 80+ people dammmmmmm

There must be a trick or something or there straight out duping

its not hard, split farm

yeah thats not hard to get at all