Is this even possible?

Is it possible to make a system, where a player can write !screenreport <targetplayer> <reason>, and then it would take a screenshot of the targets screen, and send it to my website somehow?, or is it possible to make a list ingame, that stores all the reports?

yeah, but someone could just spam reports.

Yeah, that doesn’t really matter. They would just get banned :stuck_out_tongue:

How would i go about doing this, or do you think I’ll have to goto coderhire?

I would really love if someone could reply with something good.

If you know how to code, make it yourself, otherwise go to coderhire. Noone is going to do it for free for you.

Alrighty then. Thank you very much for your help.

I made a quick ULX command for this, which you can download here. It grabs a screenshot of the target’s screen and sends it to the caller, who can save it locally if they want.
Do tell me if you find any problems; I’ve had a couple of problems in the past, which I’ve hopefully fixed now.

What you could do is let it send to another host and then you can filter these screenshots then you can easily use them for bans


Many good suggestions. Thank you guys.

@Internet1001 - I’ll try it.