Is this game going to turn into Minecraft with balls and boobs?


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What is going to distinguish it from Minecraft? They have already said they are implementing farming, we already have crafting and building, and with the idea of a voxel terrain it would probably include mining.

I personally don’t think it will, but it will have similar aspects, just with balls and boobs.

I don’t understand why people automatically compare games that are in the Survival genre to Minecraft.

Because all Voxel games are Minecraft clones, a bit like how all shooters are COD clones, I mean they’re all shooters after all.

Being 1000 times better than Minecraft. Minecraft is HORRIBLE for anything other than building.

I don’t like minecraft, but love rust.

Maybe because minecraft is already so developed with so many different options that it just overwhelms me. Rust is still in its basic stages and it’s easier to get into for me. There aren’t 50 different resources, dyes, wool colors, etc. As it grows, I will grow with it. Judging by the talk of voxel, farming, mining, caves, and the items being voted on, it does seem like it will turn into a more realistic minecraft. I’ll probably love it.

If I played minecraft from the beginning, maybe I’d feel different.

All the shooters are Counter Strike Clones.
CS came first.
CS 1999
Call of Duty 2003.

My favorite part about Minecraft was the airdrops.

I liked stripping nude and terrorizing people the most

Minecraft’s standard mode is a survival mode. Rust developers admit that Rust is partially inspired by Minecraft. However, Minecraft was inspired by Dwarf Fortress and they are very different games.

Rust is already completely different visually and gameplay wise. Rust focuses more on the survival aspects. Minecraft focuses more on the creativity and building.

And people say the dicks in Rust are are pixelly…

Nice thread, I love how long it took to explain your point, I give you a cookie sir!

I thought Minecraft was for ages 4-6…

Everything should have more boobs… EVERYTHING!!!

u try comparing arma 2 to cod, they are in no way similar.

This and actually Doom came first, if we look at the facts.

Wolfenstein 3d predated DOOM as well…

I remember when no one knew about Minecraft. Life was simple then.

That is so true. My kids weren’t really interested into pc gaming until Minecraft. After I bought it for them and they started playing it, they found more games they wanted to play. Now my son plays GMod all of the time. I am myself got back into pc gaming after a long hiatus from pc gaming. I found linux and refused to use windows. Back then there was no games on linux. Now I own 15 games, all for Linux.:dance: