Is this game hoster a good idea?

I saw this game hoster ‘lowpings’ recently, i saw the prize is really cheap, i must know if anyone has one server from this hoster, and if it’s worth it.

If you wanna run a gamemode such as deathrun, trembling tiles ect it’s good, but you won’t last over 5 people if it’s anything build related.

Xenon servers dude they are much cheaper than those guys and way better.

Yeah I have personally never had but man, my brothers friend owns a server called StaleMate and it crashes sometimes without anyone doing anything. You should probably try out another hoster first.

Like i said use xenon servers


They just bought Brand new servers duuuude.

All in Kansas, City.

Top of the line hardware.

They put 40-60 servers on one box just like every other GSP.
OP, if you want good performance at 20+ players your going to need a dedicated box.

The op most likely can’t afford a Dedicated Box.

0_o… I don’t think any GSP does that, except for maybe UKGame because they have 32 core servers.


how much does a xenon server cost?

It gets cheaper per player slot as you purchase a larger server.

You clearly have no idea how a GSP is run. If they put 40-60 servers on just one box that GSP would be out of business within the first three months due to clients leaving over lag.

Of course, this all depends on what kind of hardware the game server provider is using. Obviously if they have the hardware to handle it, then I see no problem with it.

Xenon puts around 25 servers on a box, which is way less that other hosts.

Lol, youre an idiot.

What the hell are you talking about 40 - 60, noone will put that many on a box.

yeh, your steam button iz broken feex it

and xenon put a max of 20 per box.

Really rather doubt that.

The xenon bit.